If you are unsure of the identification of a snake you have observed, you can ask an expert for snake identification by uploading a photo to the Snakes of Namibia facebook page.

You can also get help from their amazing album of infographics of the common snake species in Namibia.

The facebook page also has contact details for snake catchers - people who are experienced in catching and removing snakes - throughout the country.

In the case of a snake bite, email "snakebite" to snakebitedoc@gmail.com. Namibia's snakebite expert - Dr Buys - will respond immediately.


Latest snake records

These are the latest records added, for snakes.

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Species Date Recorder
Dispholidus typus viridis | Common Boomslang
26/03/2020Horn, De Wet
Philothamnus semivariegatus | Spotted or Variegated Bush Snake
28/03/2020Horn, De Wet
Python natalensis | Southern African Python
28/06/2015Walters, Matthew
Python natalensis | Southern African Python
21/06/2013Walters, Matthew
Dasypeltis scabra | Rhombic or Plain Egg-eater
01/03/2020Pallet, John
Python natalensis | Southern African Python
26/01/2020Ward, David
Python natalensis | Southern African Python
22/01/2020Ward, David
Pseudaspis cana | Mole Snake
09/12/2019Ward, David
Namibiana occidentalis | Western Thread Snake
19/01/2020Walters, Matthew
Naja mossambica | Mozambique Spitting Cobra
17/08/2018Horn, De Wet

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