More citizen science projects in Namibia

EIS Photo Library

The photo library is intended to be a repository of photos which may be useful in the context of land use, land use changes, human settlement, vegetation, climate and so on. While the primary focus is Namibia it also contains photos from other African countries. You can upload photos too. These are manually checked before being made publicly available. Full instructions are on the upload page.


Resources for bird atlasing in Namibia:




Baboon spiders

Kwando Carnivore Project

Take part in citizen research by assisting the Camera CATalogue in identifying species from camera trap surveys. Your participation in this would be greatly appreciated and would speed up the results of these undertakings. Camera trap surveys are wonderful and produce a lot of data that takes time and energy to process. Photos from the Zambezi Region camera trapping are now on and we would very much appreciate your assistance.

Etosha Mountain Zebras

This project asks visitors to Etosha NP to photograph mountain zebra to help conservation research. Please post photos on the Etosha Mountain Zebra photographs facebook page or send them to with date and place. Read more about Mountain Zebra Research in Etosha National Park.