How to download data

We don't routinely provide shapefiles but you can download data for any species and create your own shapefile.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to View results > Select a species or group.
  2. Find the species for which you want data and click on View map of records.
  3. At the bottom of the grid there is a "Download this report" link. This will download a CSV file of records for the species which you can use in conjunction with GIS software to create a shapefile. Spatial values in the file are in the column called Grid Ref. Each one is either a QDS (quarter degree square), Pentad (5x5 km) or Monad (1x1 km) grid reference or latitude-longitude coordinates, as indicated in the Grid ref system column. The spatial resolution that is provided for each record reflects both the resolution that was entered by the observer and the level of 'blur' that was specified due to the sensitivity of the record. You can obtain QDS, Pentad and Monad shapefiles from the EIS eLibrary - search on type "Map data" and in the Exact match box put "QDS" (or Pentad or Monad). Download and unzip the grid file. Then you can do a spatial join of the CSV file to the shapefilee in any GIS programme.

For other requests, contact the Atlasing in Namibia team with any specific requests giving as much information as possible about the data requested.

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