Stakeholders and partners

We are happy to have the support of several key partners:

Namibian Chamber of Environment

Financial support

NEWS - Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society

Assisting with the Mammal Atlas

LCMAN - The Large Carnivore Management Association of Namibia

and the

Namibian Carnivore Working Group

Assisting with the Carnivore Atlas

NBRI - National Botanical Research Institute

Assisting with the Indigenous Plants Atlas and the Alien Plants Atlas


We are also very grateful to the following individuals for their assistance:

  • Coleen Mannheimer, for the compilation of species information and photographs for the Atlas of Alien Plants Atlas

  • Plant Information System: Pat Craven and Herta Kolberg

  • Submission of reference photos:

    • Chris Brown
    • Morgan Hauptfleisch
    • Francois Theart
    • Martina Kusters
    • Peter Cunnningham
    • Francois Becker
    • Ken Stratford
    • Mark Paxton
  • Multiple people who assist with the verification of records, including:

    • Matthew Walters
    • Francois Theart
    • Francois Becker
    • Coleen Mannheimer