The NCE’s Near-Endemic Plants Project is preparing information sheets about Namibia’s near-endemic plants.   
These sheets will be available online through the Namibian Environmental Information Service - EIS. 
We need your help in getting photos of near-endemic plants – a list of which you can find on the EIS’s Plant
Information System by filtering for “near-endemic”. The JRS Biodiversity Foundation has made available prize money
for the persons that submit the most records and photos of near-endemic plants to the EIS’s Indigenous Plant Atlas.

    1st prize = N$3000     2nd prize = N$2000     3rd prize = N$1000

5 consolation prizes of N$425 each


Competition closes on 31 August 2024
Records and photos must be submitted to the Indigenous Plant Atlas on the EIS
Only records of near-endemic species will be counted
A species will be counted only once per quarter-degree square per atlaser
At least 50% of near-endemic plant records submitted, must have a useable photo attached
The atlaser must agree to the photo being used on the information sheet that will be put online (with due acknowledgement)
For any queries, please contact the project at

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