rain water

Water which falls as rain from clouds. (Source: PHC)

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Kaiser E, Beetz W 1919. Die Wassererschließung in der südlichen Namib Südwestafrikas. Zeitschrift für praktische Geologie 11/12 165-186
Stengel HW 1964. The rivers of the Namib and their discharge into the Atlantic. Part 2: Omaruru and Ugab. Scientific Papers of the Namib Desert Research Station 30
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Sturm M, Zimmermann M, Schütz K, Urbana W, Hartung H 2009. Rainwater harvesting as an alternative water resource in rural sites in central northern Namibia. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 34 (13-16) 776-785
Zimmermann M, Jokisch A, Deffner J, Brenda M, Urban W 2012. Stakeholder participation and capacity development during the implementation of rainwater harvesting pilot plants in central northern Namibia. Water, Science and Technology: Water Supply 12 (4) 540-548
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McCarthy TS, McIver JR, Cairncross JR, Ellery K, Ellery WN 1989. The Inorganic chemistry of peat from the Maunachira channel-swamp system, Okavango Delta, Botswana. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 53 1077 - 1089
Burke A 2001. An eruption of green - the Brukkaros Mountain springs to life. Flamingo 37-40
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Hiyama T, Kanamori H, Kambatuku JR, Kotani A, Asai K, Mizuochi H, Fujioka Y, Iijima M 2017. Analysing the origin of rain- and subsurface water in seasonal wetlands of north-central Namibia. Environmental Research Letters 129 (3) 034012
Hernandez M, Miller SN, Goodrich DC, Kepner WG, Edmonds CM, Jones KB 2000. Modeling runoff response to land cover and rainfall spatial variability in semi-arid watersheds. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 64 285-298
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modellingrunoff.pdf 174.68 KB
Robertson A, Jarvis A, Mendelsohn J, Swart R 2012. Namibia's Coast: Figure 27 Ephemeral river flow. Namibia's Coast: Ocean Riches and Desert Treasures
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Figure 27_Ephemeral river flow_2012.zip 10.59 KB
Morin E, Grodek T, Dahan O, Benito G, Kulls C, Jacoby Y, van Langenhove G, Seely M, Enzel Y 2009. Flood routing and alluvial aquifer recharge along the ephemeral arid Kuiseb River, Namibia. Journal of Hydrology 368 (1 - 4) 262 - 275
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Flood routing and alluvial aquifer recharge_2009.pdf 1.83 MB