water (geographic)

The liquid that forms streams, lakes, and seas, and issues from the ground in springs. (Source: WEBSTE)

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Caylor KK, Shugart HH, Rodriguez-Iturbe I 2005. Tree Canopy Effects on Simulated Water Stress in Southern African Savannas. Ecosystems 8 (1) 17 - 32
Keil R, Debbane A-M 2005. Scaling discourse analysis: Experiences from Hermanus, South Africa and Walvis Bay, Namibia. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning (Special Issue: Does discourse matter? Discourse, power and institutions in the sustainability transition) 7 (3) 257-276
Jurya M 2010. Climate and weather factors modulating river flows in southern Angola. International Journal of Climatology 30 901 - 908
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