FEWS NET (Famine Early Warning System Network) - Namibia 1996-2016

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Rainfall data: These data sets cover the 20 year period from 1996 - 2016. The rainfall season is taken to be from July to June. Data were downloaded from FEWS NET (Famine Early Warning System Network) http://earlywa ing.usgs.gov/fews. Grid resolution = 8km. Dekadal .bil files (3 for each month) were combined in the GIS to give monthly rainfall raster grid files. From these files annual totals, 20 year means, coefficient of variation and standard deviation were calculated. The raster grids were converted to an equivalent vector grid with rainfall statistics as attributes. The data represent rainfall estimates derived from interpolations using a range of sources i.e. Metoesat, GSTS data, cold cloud duration, station data etc. see: https://earlywarning.usgs.gov/fews/product/48 for more details. It should be noted that estimates close to the west coast become less reliable due to the effects of the cold ocean current and the presence of fog.

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