meteorological forecasting

A branch of science that studies the dynamics of the atmosphere and the direct effects of the atmosphere upon the Earth's surface, oceans and inhabitants, focusing particularly on weather and weather conditions. (Source: INP / NOA / EEN)

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Thorne V, Coakeley P, Grimes D, Dugdale D 2001. Comparison of TAMSAT and CPC rainfall estimates with raingauges, for southern Africa. International Journal of Remote Sensing 22 (10) 1951-1974
Posada R, Riede J, Kaspar F, Mhanda A, Radithupa M, Stegling J, Nascimento D, Tima L, Kanyanga J, Nkonde E, Swaswa M, Waitolo D 2018. Cooperation of meteorological services within SASSCAL on improving the management of observed climate data. Climate change and adaptive land management in southern Africa - assessments, changes, challenges, and solutions 22-29
Rothauge A 2001. Drought management strategies for Namibian ranchers. Agricola 12 99 - 105
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