A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land areas from the overflow of inland and/or tidal waters, and/or the unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source. A great flow along a watercourse or a flow causing inundation of lands not normally covered by water. (Source: LANDY)

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Heine K 1998. Late Quaternary climate changes in the Central Namib Desert, Namibia. Quaternary Deserts and Climatic Change 293-304
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Late Quaternary climate changes in the Central Namib Desert.pdf 7.56 MB
Srivastava P, Brook GA, Marais E 2004. A record of fluvial aggradation in the northern Namib Desert during the Late Quaternary. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 133 1-18
Seely MK, Buskirk WH, Hamilton III WJ, Dixon JEW 1981. Lower Kuiseb River perennial vegetation survey. Journal of the South West African Scientific Society 35 57-86
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Lower Kuiseb River perennial vegetation survey.pdf 3.09 MB
Crerar S, Fry RG, Slater PM, van Langenhove G, Wheeler D 1988. An unexpected factor affecting recharge from ephemeral river flows in SWA/Namibia. Estimation of Natural groundwater recharge 11-28
Mosepele K, Moyle PB, Merron GS, Purkey DR, Mosepele B 2009. Fish, Floods, and Ecosystem Engineers: Aquatic Conservation in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. BioScience 59 (1) 53-64
Department of water affairs Hydrology Division 2004. Draft Report on the 2004 floods in the Upper Zambezi River.
Directorate Disaster Risk Management 2011. Report on national response to the 2011 flood disaster.
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Flood_2011_Final_Report.pdf 1.17 MB
Bethune S, van der Waal B, Roberts KS 2012. Proposed flood mitigation methods to be implemented for the Oshakati/Ongwediva area.
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Proposed flood mitigation measures.pdf 3.06 MB
Wanke H, Wanke A 2007. Lithostratigraphy of the Kalahari Group in northeastern Namibia. Journal of African Earth Sciences 48 (5) 314-328
Leggett K, Fennessy J, Schneider S 2005. Flood-borne sediment analysis of the Hoanib River, northwestern Namibia. Journal of Arid Environments 62 (4) 587-596
Government of the Republic of Namibia 2011. Namibia floods : joint assessment report : 06-09 April 2011.
Mahowald NM, Bryant RG, del Corral J, Steinberger L 2003. Ephemeral lakes and desert dust sources. Geophysical Research Letters 30 (2)