Hoofed mammals, including the Artiodactyla and Perissodactyla. (Source: ALL)

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Junker K, Horak IG, Penzhorn B 2015. History and development of research on wildlife parasites in southern Africa, with emphasis on terrestrial mammals, especially ungulates. International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 4 50-70
Marlin D, Nicolson SW, Yusuf AA, Stevenson PC, Heyman HM, Krüger K 2014. The only african Wild Tobacco, Nicotiana africana: Alkaloid content and the effect of herbivory. Plos ONE 9 (7) e102661
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The only african Wild Tobacco.pdf 542.8 KB
Lehmann D, Mfune JKE, Gewers E, Cloete J, Brain C, Voigt CC 2013. Dietary plasticity of generalist and specialist ungulates in the Namibian Desert: A Stable Isotopes Approach. Plos ONE 8 (8) e72190
Fritz H, Duncan P, Gordon IJ, Illius AW 2002. Megaherbivores influence trophic guilds structure in African ungulate communities. Oecologia 131 (4) 620-625
Mattiello S, Zanoni C, du Plessis H, Heinzl E, Crimella MC 2004. Habitat use and group size of African wild ungulates in a Namibian Game Ranch. Game and Wildlife Science (21) 735–745
Fritz H, Duncan P, Gordon IJ, Illius AW Megaherbivores influence trophic guilds structure in African ungulate communities. Oecologia 131 (620-625) 2002
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Megaherbivores.pdf 289.41 KB
Nauyoma LT, Warbington CH, Azevedo FC, Lemos FG, Sequeira F, Fabiano EC 2024. Density and abundance estimation of unmarked ungulates using camera traps in the Mudumu National Park, Namibia. European Journal of Wildlife Research 70
Strydom PJ 1988. Die voedingsbehoeftes van wildherkouers. Agricola 5 59-65
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Die voedingsbehoeftes van wildherkouers.pdf 1.32 MB
Pedersen C-ET, Albrechtsen A, Etter PD, Johnson EA, Orlando L, Chikhi L, Siegismund HR, Heller R 2018. A southern African origin and cryptic structure in the highly mobile plains zebra. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2018
Ben-Shahar R, Fairall N 1987. Comparison of the diurnal activity patterns of blue wildebeest and red hartebeest. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 17 (2) 49-53