traditional culture

Learned, nonrandom, systematic behavior and knowledge transmitted over several generations, especially customs and beliefs originating before the advent of modern science and technology. (Source: ANT / OED)

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Hengari GM, Cunningham PL, Adank W 2005. The use of vultures by traditional healers in Namibia. Lanioturdus 38 (3-4) 22-29
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The use of vultures by traditional healers in Namibia.pdf 438.23 KB
Krämer M 2007. Die Topnaar Traditional Authority: Grenzen des Häuptlingtums in Namibia. Scientific Society, Swakopmund 39 (2/07) 12-19
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The Topnaar Traditional Authority_2007.pdf 3.46 MB
National Forestry Programme Facility in Namibia 2009. Indigenous Natural Products of Namibia - Marketing information.
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Indigenous Natural Products of Namibia_Marketing information.pdf 422.42 KB
Christian I 1988. Land and water usage by traditional pastoralists. Proceedings of the 2nd meeting of the Namibian Rangeland Forum, 31 March 1998
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Land and water usage by traditional pastoralists.pdf 604.56 KB
Colpaert A, Matengu K, Polojärvi K 2013. Land use practices in Caprivi's changing political environment. Journal for Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences 2 (2) 141-162
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Land use practices in Caprivis changing political environment.pdf 556.02 KB
Breton G, Schlebusch CM, Lombard M, Sjödin P, Soodyall H, Jakobsson M 2014. Lactase Persistence Alleles Reveal Partial East African Ancestry of Southern African Khoe Pastoralists. Current Biology 24 (8) 852-858
Chinsembu KC, Negumbo J, Likando M, Mbangu A 2014. An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used to treat livestock diseases in Onayena and Katima Mulilo, Namibia. South African Journal of Botany 94 101-107
Einzig P 1966. Chapter 43 – Cattle and Bead Money of South-West Africa. Primitive Money (Second Edition): In its Ethnological, Historical and Economic Aspects 160-161
O'Keefe SJD, Lavender R 1989. The plight of modern bushmen. The Lancet 334 (8657) 255-258
Letloa Custodian Comittee 2012. Naro San Values.
van den Eynden V, van Damme P 1993. Medicinal and aromatic plants used by the Topnaar - Namibia. Acta horticulturae 344 266-277
Singer R, Harrison GA, Weiner JS 1985. Serology and clines along the Okavango River, Namibia. Journal of Human Evolution 14 (4) 309 - 318
Sander H, Bollig M, Schulte A 1998. Himba Paradise Lost: Stability, degradation, and pastoralist management of the Omuhonga Basin (Namibia). Die Erde 129 301 - 315
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Himba Paradise Lost.pdf 2.56 MB
Dawids F, Ilonga F, Kaumunika T, Pauli J, Schnegg M, Seibeb J, /Uirab K 2007. Culture and Shared Traditions in Fransfontein, Namibia.
Lee RB, Biesele M, Hitchcock RK 1996. Three decades of Ethnographic Research among the Ju/'Hoansi of northwestern Botswana: 1963-1996. Botswana Notes and Records 28 107-120
Okeyo DO, Mubita G, Harris TK, Sahombu DE, Namundjanga J, Mulonga S, Kapirika S 2004. Indigenous names of fish and fishing gear in the Cuvelai, Kavango and Caprivi regions of Namibia. African Journal of Aquatic Sciences 29 (2) 249-258
Sullivan S, Hannis M, Impey A, Low C, Rohde RF 2017. Future Pasts Landscape, Memory and Music in West Namibia: A multi-media exhibition.
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Future Pasts 44AD Exhibition booklet for web 2017.pdf 3.93 MB
Koot SP 2015. White Namibians in tourism and the politics of belonging through Bushmen. Anthropology Southern Africa (38) 4-15
Warchol GL 2004. The Transnational Illegal Wildlife Trade. Criminal Justice Studies (17) 57-73
Chaboo CS, Hitchcock RK, Bradfield J, Wadley L 2019. Beetle and Plant Arrow Poisons of the San People of Southern Africa. In History of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Toxicology in Antiquity 11-71
Mumbengegwi DR, du Preez I, Dushimemaria F, Auala J, Nafuka S 2015. The use of traditional medicinal plants as antimicrobial treatments. Indigenous knowledge of Namibia 89-114
Mushabati LF, Kahaka HK, Cheikhyoussef A 2015. Namibian leafy vegetables: From traditional to scientific knowledge, current status and applications. Indigenous knowledge of Namibia 157-168