data processing

Any operation or combination of operations on data, including everything that happens to data from the time they are observed or collected to the time they are destroyed. (Source: MGH)

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Hamandawana H, Eckardt F, Chanda R 2005. Linking archival and remotely sensed data for long-term environmental monitoring. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 7 (4) 284-298
van Oort PAJ 2007. Interpreting the change detection error matrix. Remote Sensing of Environment 108 (1) 1-8
Cooper RT, Morrison M 2012. Okavango Collections: Sharing environmental information resources of the Cubango-Okavango River Basin. International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research 7 508-535
Barth A, Eckardt J, Petzel V, Schreiber U 2004. Report: Earth Data Namibia - a milestone in information management at the Geological Survey of Namibia: background, data base design, features, further planning. Communications of the Geological Survey of Namibia 13 93-96
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Earth Data Namibia.pdf 366.24 KB
Lancaster J, Wade TG, Wickham JD, Whitford W, Jones KB 1999. Evaluating change in rangeland conditions using multitemporal AVHRR data and geographic information system analysis. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 59 211-223
Seaquist JW, Olsson L, Ardö J 2003. A remote sensing-based primary production model for grassland biomes. Ecological Modelling 169 131-155
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seaquist_et_al_2003_ecol_mod.pdf 842.65 KB
Laak JL, Buckland ST, Anderson DR, Burnham KP 1996. Distance User's Guide V2.2..
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Distance Users Guide V2_2_1996.pdf 607.31 KB