The science concerned with the geographical distribution of animal and plant life. (Source: MGH)

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Kohler SA, Connan M, Hill JM, Mablouké C, Bonnevie B, Ludynia K, Kemper J, Huisanem J, Underhill LG, Cherel Y, McQuiad CD, Jaquemet S 2011. Geographic variation in the trophic ecology of an avian rocky shore predator, the African black oystercatcher, along the southern African coastline. Marine Ecology Progress Series 435 235-249
Dean WRJ 1997. The distribution and biology of nomadic birds in the Karoo, South Africa. Journal of Biogeography 24 769-779
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Dean 1997 Nomadic Birds of Karoo.pdf 918.39 KB
Mausfeld P, Vences M, Schmitz A, Veith M 2000. First Data on the Molecular Phylogeography of Scincid Lizards of the Genus Mabuya. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 17 (1) 11-14
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Molecular Phylogeography of Scincid Lizards.pdf 57.49 KB
Linder HP, de Klerk HM, Born J, Burgess ND, Fjeldsa J, Rahbek C 2012. The partitioning of Africa: statistically defined biogeographical regions in sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of Biogeography 39 (7) 1189-1205
Burke A 2013. Succulent plants on arid inselbergs. Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 208 (5-6) 321-329
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Succulent plants on arid inselbergs.pdf 1.16 MB
Thulin M, Johansson ANB 1996. Taxonomy and biogeography of the anomalous genus Wellstedia. The Biodiversity of African Plants 73-86
Bruyns PV 2000. Phylogeny and Biogeography of the Stapeliads. Plant Systematics and Evolution 221 (3-4) 227-244
Werger JA 1978. Biogeographical division of southern Africa. Biogeography and Ecology of Southern Africa 31 145-170
Cowling RM, Esler KJ, Rundel PW 1999. Namaqualand, South Africa – an overview of a unique winter-rainfall desert ecosystem. Plant Ecology 142 (1-2) 3-21
Fet V, Polis GA, Sissom WD 1998. Life in Sandy Deserts: The Scorpion Model. Journal of Arid Environments 39 (4) 609-622
Burke A 2007. Plant endemism in the central Namib Desert. Evolutionary Ecology Research 9 283-297
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Plant endemism in the central Namib Desert.pdf 126.86 KB
Thibault JC, Patrimonio O, Torre J 1992. Does the diurnal raptor community of Corsica (Western Mediterranean) show insular characteristics?. Journal of Biogeography 19 (4) 363 – 373
Archibald S, Nickless A, Govender N, Scholes RJ, Lehsten V 2010. Climate and the inter-annual variability of fire in southern Africa: A meta-analysis using long-term field data and satellite-derived burnt area data. Global Ecology and Biogeography 19 794 - 809
Burke A 2001. Determinants of inselberg floras in arid Nama Karoo landscapes. Journal of Biogeography 28 (10) 1211 - 1220
Medina MF, Bauer AM, Branch WR, Schmitz A, Conradie W, Nagy ZT, Hibbitts TJ, Ernst R, Portik DM, Nielsen SV, Colston TJ, Kusamba C, Behangana M, Rödel M-O, Greenbaum E 2016. Molecular phylogeny of Panaspis and Afroablepharus skinks (Squamata: Scincidae) in the savannas of sub-Saharan Africa. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 100 409-423
Suhling F, Martens A, Marais E 2009. How to enter a desert—patterns of Odonata colonisation of arid Namibia. International Journal of Odonatology 12 (2) 287-308