Namibia Desertification


Desertification is a symptom of Global Warming and it is causing many problems for Namibia. The process of desertification can be abated in Namibia by promoting a sustainable and equitable development of natural resources suited to Namibia's variable environment for the benefit of Namibians both present and future. There are several organizations whose sole purpose is to fight back against the desertification of the Namibian landscape. One such organiztion is the NAPCOD, National Programme to Combat Desertification, which is part of the Namibian Governments Ministry of the Environment and Tourism. Thier goal is to create monitoring systems at national and local leveals and strengthen smaller community based organizations that are combating desertification. Our desertification portal aims to aid NAPCOD and similar organizatioins by providing information about these initiatives towards stopping the erosion of the Namibian landscape. This website keeps you up-to-date on the new information about ongoing activities in Namibia.

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