2.4 - Sailing Orders Biodiversity Survey FV Zeearend

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Objectives: Estimate the abundance (density) of the main commercial species such as hake, monk and horse mackerel etc.; Collect biological information (length, sex, maturity stage, stomach content) from the commercially important/exploited species; Identify, collect and photograph epibenthic species and at the same time record the nature of the substrate and bottom profile; Collect environmental data (using visual observations and a CTD) to establish linkages between the environment and species distribution, recruitment and abundance, and Record/identify the occurrence of surface species such as marine mammals and seabirds in the area; Collect baseline data for future monitoring.

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Sandpiper Project: Verification Programme Report: Mining Licence Area no. 170. Volume 2, Section D - Appendices: Appendix 2 - Fisheries and biodiversity. Namibian Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd
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