1.9 - Instrument Mooring Report: Day 45 to 90

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Metocean Services International (Pty) Limited (MSI) has been awarded a contract by Lwandle Technologies, under sub contract from Namibian Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd (NMP), to deploy an oceanographic mooring offshore Namibia. NMP intends dredging marine phosphate reserves at the site and requires verification of previous studies regarding the behaviour of the water column and sediment re-suspension events. Current measurements throughout the water column were undertaken with an ADCP and two single point current meters and water quality measurements were undertaken with a CTD near the seabed. First order statistics of the data collected during the second and final measurement period (nominally from 2 August 2013 to 13 Sep 2013) are presented in this section, together with an indication of the data return achieved. Data return was good, with all instruments returning complete datasets, however no dissolved oxygen data was recorded by the CTD (Tables 1 - 4).

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Sandpiper Project: Verification Programme Report: Mining Licence Area no. 170. Volume 2, Section D - Appendices: Appendix 1 - 1.0 Water column and sedimentary environment. Namibian Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd
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