Part 1: Peer Review Report on Specialist Studies of the Verification Programme

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The review team (the authorship above) was contracted in mid-2014 to evaluate in an unbiased and scientifically robust manner, using their own specific scientific expertise, the various reports provided by local specialists in response to comments made on the original Environmental Impact Assessment 2012 (EIA) of Namibian Marine Phosphate (NMP) by stakeholders and reviewers. Two of the panel1 are based in South Africa (Clark and Roychoudhury) and two are Europe-based (Payne and O'Toole), but had spent many years working off southern Africa, in both Namibia and South Africa. All four, though, have significant international experience, which they were able to bring to their expert evaluation. The Terms of Reference for the study required that each of the appointed reviewers thoroughly read and assimilated the contents of the documentation prepared as part of the EIA (i.e. the EIA summary report, supporting specialist studies, comments from various reviewers and stakeholders, and the reports on verification studies undertaken to address comments from those reviewers (Appendix 1), to attend (Appendix 2) a two-day workshop in Cape Town (13th to 14th August 2014) where Namibia Marine Phosphate's (NMP's) appointed specialist consultants were required to present a summary of the work that they had done (Appendix 3), to prepare a report or statement (Appendix 4) on the quality and thoroughness of the various specialist studies, the relevance of datasets, opinions and conclusions of the NMP specialist consultants presented in their EIA assessments and the verification reports, and to identify if further work or assessments were required to quantify some of the risks and impacts associated with the proposed project.

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Independent Peer Reviews - Verification Studies, Sandpiper Project. Namibian Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd
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