1.5 - Project Execution Plan: Core Sampling MV Snowgoose

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Namibian Marine Phosphate (NMP) is proposing to extract marine pelletal phosphate ore from deposits on the Namibian continental shelf. The phosphate will be extracted by dredging and the assessment of the environmental impacts associated with the project is therefore strongly reliant on a sound understanding of the sediment properties of the dredge area. The purpose of the gravity coring survey is to confirm the sediment properties of the seafloor (to a maximum depth of ~ 2 m) within the proposed dredge area. This information will then be used, in conjunction with previous scientific investigations of the region as well as those from the verification survey, to further inform the assessment of impacts on the marine environment as a result of the proposed dredging operations. This will aid in the final assessment of the impacts as detailed in the EIA / EMPR. The gravity coring survey will include the collection of seafloor sediments using a drop or gravity corer from aboard the MV Snowgoose. The collected sediment samples will be frozen on board the vessel and then transported in a frozen state back to South Africa for various analyses.

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Sandpiper Project: Verification Programme Report: Mining Licence Area no. 170. Volume 2, Section D - Appendices: Appendix 1 - 1.0 Water column and sedimentary environment. Namibian Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd
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