land value

The monetary or material worth in commerce or trade of an area of ground considered as property. (Source: RHW)

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Gazza A, Lubanda P, Masheshe L, Muharukua V, Nawa R, Nickanor N, Noongo E, Persson J, Shiponeni N, Shimali P 1999. Potential Value of Land and Water Resources in Northeast Otjozondjupa.
Turpie J, Barnes J, Arntzen J, Nherera B, Lange G-M, Buzwani B 2006. Economic value of the Okavango Delta, Botswana, and implications for management.
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Okavango Delta Valuation Study.pdf 3.76 MB
Turner S 2008. Termites: Friend or Foe?. Agricola 18 34 - 36
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Termites Friend or Foe_2008.pdf 332.6 KB