Land rights for African development: from knowledge to action. CAPRi Policy Brief. Washington, DC, USA, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Systemwide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRi)

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The UNDP's Drylands Development Center, the International Land Coalition (ILC), and CAPRi share the conviction that land tenure can be a mechanism through which the goals of gender equity, poverty reduction, efficiency and sustainable resource management can be achieved. A wide range of issues are captured and reiterated in the 12 briefs contained in this collection. These include: the prevalence and importance of customary tenure; the prevalence and importance of common property arrangements; constraints to women's access under both customary and statutory tenure; the need to secure common property and other forms of tenure; and the importance of broad based participation to secure broad consensus among multiple actors in order to enhance the efficiency, equity and sustainability objectives of land tenure reforms.

Mwangi, E.
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