The vegetation on pastures that is available for livestock to feed upon. (Source: CED)

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Wasiolka B, Blaum N, Jeltsch F, Henschel J 2009. Behavioural responses of the lizard Pedioplanis l. lineoocellata to overgrazing. Acta Oecologica 35 157-162
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Behavioural responses of the lizard Pedioplanis_2009.pdf 198.38 KB
Leggett K, Fennessy J, Schneider S 2001. Hoanib catchment study, Northwestern Namibia Fauna.
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Hoanib catchment study_Northwestern Namibia Fauna.pdf 41.33 MB
Fritz H, Duncan P, Gordon IJ, Illius AW 2002. Megaherbivores influence trophic guilds structure in African ungulate communities. Oecologia 131 (4) 620-625
Graz P 2008. The woody weed encroachment puzzle: gathering pieces. Ecohydrology 1 (4) 340-348
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Graz_2008.pdf 141.88 KB
Behnke RH 1998. Kavango Grazing Systems Study.
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Kavango Grazing System Study- Final Report_ RH Behnke.pdf 15.16 MB
Stehn H 2008. Rangeland management.
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Rangeland Management_Helmut Stehn.pdf 16.16 MB
Espach C, Lubbe LG, Ganzin N 2010. Determining grazing capacity in Namibia with the aid of remote sensing. Agricola 20 41-61
Rohde RF, Moleele NM, Mphale M, Allsopp N, Chanda R, Hoffman MT, Magole L, Young E 2006. Dynamics of grazing policy and practice: environmental and social impacts in three communal areas of southern Africa. Environment: Science and Policy 9 (3) 302-316
Moleele NM, Ringrose S, Matheson W, Vanderpost C 2002. More woody plants? the status of bush encroachment in Botswana's grazing areas. Journal of Environmental Management 64 (1) 3-11
Behnke RH 1999. Stock movement and range-management in a Himba community in North-western Namibia. Managing mobility in African rangelands: The legitimization of transhumance 184-216
van Rooyen N, Bredenkamp GJ, Theron GK, Bothma J du P, Le Riche EAN 1994. Vegetational gradients around artificial watering points in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. Journal of Arid Environments 26 (4) 349-361
Moleele N, Ringrose S, Arnberg W, Lunden B, Vanderpost C 2001. Assessment of vegetation indexes useful for browse (forage) prediction in semi-arid rangelands. International Journal of Remote Sensing 22 (5) 741-756
Dougill AJ, Thomas DSG, Heathwaite AL 1999. Environmental change in the Kalahari: integrated land degradation studies for Nonequilibrium dryland environments. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 89 (3) 420-442
Hille Ris Lambers R, Rietkerk M, van der Bosch F, Prins HHT, de Kroon H 2001. Vegetation pattern formation in semi-arid grazing systems. Ecology 82 (1) 50-61
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Traill LW 2004. Seasonal utilization of habitat by large grazing herbivores in semi-arid Zimbabwe. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 34 (1) 13-24
Ludwig JA, Coughenour MB, Liedloff AC, Dyer R 2001. Modelling the resilience of Australian savanna systems to grazing impacts. Environment International 27 167-172
Wiegand K, Saltz D, Ward D 2006. A patch-dynamics approach to savanna dynamics and woody plant encroachment - Insights from an arid savanna. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 7 (4) 229 - 242