Livestock Ownership and Livelihood in the Northern Communal Areas: Using a randomised control trial to determine the impact of best practise and joint herding on farmers in Northern Namibia. Findings from the Baseline Household Survey

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As a growing population and adverse grazing practices threaten the quantity and quality of the rangeland in Northern Namibia, the Millennium Challenge Account Namibia (MCA-N), in collaboration with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and GOPA, has sought a proactive solution to both the degradation of the rangeland and the poverty facing farmers in the Northern Communal Areas (NCAs) of Namibia. In July of 2008, the Republic of Namibia and the Government of the United States of America through MCC signed the MCA-N Compact to provide grant funding for public investments in Education, Tourism, and Agriculture. MCA-N's Community Based Rangeland and Livestock Management (CBRLM) programme is part of a larger set of interventions in the Agriculture sector aimed at reducing poverty in the NCAs. The CBRLM sub-activity seeks to engage farmers in communal herding and animal husbandry best practices to improve the health of the grassland, the quality of the livestock, and the income of households through increased market access.

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