environmental research

The study of the environment and its modifications caused by human activities. (Source: DIFID)

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Zhu B 2016. A Review on Late Quaternary Environmental Change in the Namibia, South-Western Africa. Journal of Earth Science and Climatic Change 7 (4) 1-9
Wilkinson MJ 1988. Arid landscapes. The geomorphology of Southern Africa. 78-102
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Arid landscapes_The geomorphology of Southern Africa.pdf 13.14 MB
Lett C, Veitch J, Van der Lingen CD, Hutchings L 2007. Assessment of an environmental barrier to transport of ichthyoplankton from the southern to the northern Benguela ecosystems. Marine Ecology Progress Series 347 247-259
McCarthy TS, Ellery WN 1998. The Okavango Delta. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 53 (2) 157-182
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The Okavango Delta_1998.pdf 9.51 MB
Channing A 1975. Life histories of frogs in the Namib Desert. The Journal of the Herpetological Association of Africa 14 (1) 13
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Life Histories of Frogs in the Namib Desert.pdf 850.77 KB
Joubert DF, Zimmermann I, Winschiers-Theophilus W, Fendler J 2010. Poster Presentation: An expert system for bush encroachment in Namibia.
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Control of Invasive Woody Species_Poster Presentation_2010.pdf 171.42 KB
Gomez C, Delacourt C, Allemand P, Ledru P, Wackerle R 2005. Using ASTER remote sensing data set for geological mapping, in Namibia. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 30 (1-3) 97-108
Wanke H, Wanke A 2007. Lithostratigraphy of the Kalahari Group in northeastern Namibia. Journal of African Earth Sciences 48 (5) 314-328
Loope LL, Sanchez PG 1988. Biological invasions of arid land nature reserves. Biological Conservation 44 (1-2) 95-118
Fessehaye M, Abdul-Wahab SA, Savage MJ, Gherezghiher T, Hurni H 2014. Fog-water collection for community use. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 29 52-62
Wiggs GFS 2013. Dune morphology and dynamics. Treatise on Geomorphology, 11: Aeolian Geomorphology 201-218
McCarthy TS, Franey NJ, Ellery WN, Ellery K 1993. The use of SPOT imagery in study of environmental processes of the Okavango Delta, Botswana. South Africa Journal of Science 89 (9) 432-436
Gründlingh ML 1999. Surface currents derived from satellite-tracked buoys off Namibia. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 46 (1-2) 453-473
Bao H, Thiemens MH, Heine K 2001. Oxygen-17 excesses of the Central Namib gypcretes: spatial distribution. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 192 (2) 125-135
Gibson AC 1996. Plant Life Forms of Warm Desert Climates. Structure-Function Relations of Warm Desert Plants 1-22
Willis SG, Hole DG, Collingham YC, Hilton G, Rahbek C, Huntley B 2009. Assessing the Impacts of Future Climate Change on Protected Area Networks: A Method to Simulate Individual Species' Responses. Environmental Management 43 (5) 836-845
Joubert EC, Harms TM, Muller A, Hipondoka M, Henschel JR 2012. A CFD study of wind patterns over a desert dune and the effect on seed dispersion. Environmental Fluid Mechanics 12 (1) 23-44
Leistner OA, Werger MJA 1973. Southern kalahari phytosociology. Vegetatio 28 (5-6) 353-399
Clousley-Thompson JL 1996. Community Processes. Biotic Interactions in Arid Lands 127-167
Clousley-Thompson JL 1991. Interspecific Relationships, Feeding Specializations and Species Diversity. Ecophysiology of Desert Arthropods and Reptiles 147-168
Büdel B, Darienko T, Deutschewitz K, Dojani S, Friedl T, Mohr KI, Salisch M, Reisser W, Weber B 2009. Southern African Biological Soil Crusts are Ubiquitous and Highly Diverse in Drylands, Being Restricted by Rainfall Frequency. Microbial Ecology 57 (2) 229-247
Walter H 1985. Zonobiome of the Subtropical Arid Climate with Deserts. Vegetation of the Earth and Ecological Systems of the Geo-biosphere 113-147
Cowling RM, Esler KJ, Rundel PW 1999. Namaqualand, South Africa – an overview of a unique winter-rainfall desert ecosystem. Plant Ecology 142 (1-2) 3-21
Kaseke KF, Mills AJ, Esler K, Henschel J, Seely MK, Brown R 2012. Spatial Variation of "Non-Rainfall" Water Input and the Effect of Mechanical Soil Crusts on Input and Evaporation. Pure and Applied Geophysics 169 (12) 2217-2229