An assessment of the micro- and macroeconomic benefits of an Encroacher Bush Biomass Power Plant near Tsumeb in Namibia

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The purposes of this study are to quantify and assess the microeconomic and macroeconomic impact of: A 20-megawatt (MW) grate-fired biomass power plant adjacent to the Otjikoto substation, near Tsumeb, Namibia, over its 25-year lifespan; The fuel supply and harvesting activities for a 20 MW power plant at the aforementioned site, over a 25-year period. The study aims to both assess the direct, indirect and induced impacts of the project on the Namibian economy, and endeavours to identify the broad beneficiaries of such. The key findings for the study are presented below for each of the main sections of the report. The report quantifies the benefits, both in the microeconomic and macroeconomic sections, in real prices (i.e. adjusted for inflation) per kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy produced. In other words, the value of benefits or value generated by an activity are shown per kilowatt hour of electricity generated by the power plant. Unless otherwise indicated, nominal prices have been adjusted to reflect future value and ensure consistency. All prices, unless otherwise indicated, were escalated at a fixed rate of 6% per year in order to compensate for inflation. Where appropriate, nominal prices were discounted to real, 2018, values.

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