The relationship between fallen coppicing tree species and floods in the Kuiseb River-flood plain in the Namib Naukluft Park, Namib Desert

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The force of the floods in the Kuiseb River and the debris they carries are known to damage trees. Trees with stems that are damaged and fell, respond to these changes by coppicing through the stem and roots. An attempt to assess the relationship between coppicing tree and floods was performed, by looking at different variables such as stem diameter of coppicing trees, number of coppices per stem, distance of tree from the active river channel, tree rings and volume of floods. The study was conducted in the Kuiseb River, near Gobabeb Research and Training Centre during July and August 2005. Only four tree species were encountered coppicing from the five wood tree species (Acacia erioloba, Tamarix usneoides, Faidherbia albida and Euclea pseudebenus). Keywords: Tree density and coppicing tree density in the study area, Direction of fallen coppicing trees, Relationship between rings, distance between rings and volume of water per flood.

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