flood protection

Precautionary measures, equipment or structures implemented to guard or defend people, property and lands from an unusual accumulation of water above the ground. (Source: ALL / WWC)

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Department of water affairs Hydrology Division 2004. Draft Report on the 2004 floods in the Upper Zambezi River.
Government of the Republic of Namibia 2011. Namibia floods : joint assessment report : 06-09 April 2011.
Nathanael B, Mendelsohn J 2013. Notes on a spatial assessment of the risk of flooding in eastern Caprivi.
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Caprivi flood risk.zip 6.42 MB
Tamayo CV, Hernández FD, Muñiz AC, Gil A 2011. Northern Regions. Flood Risk Management Plan.
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Flood Risk Management Plan.pdf 6.81 MB