water monitoring

Studies conducted to estimate the quantity and the quality of pollutants, nutrients and suspended solids contained in water bodies and to assess sources and factors associated with agricultural practices, industrial activities or other human activities. (Source: DNRa)

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Aquaterra 2010. Husab Project - Hydrogeology.
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2010_Husab Project_Hydrology.pdf 17.17 MB
Kok OB, Grobbelaar JU 1980. Chemical properties of water-holes in the Kuisen River Canyon, Namib Desert. Journal of the Limnological Society of southern Africa 6 (2) 82-84
Dirkx E, Hager C, Tadross M, Bethune S, Curtis B 2008. Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment Namibia.
Bartholomae CH, van der Plas AK 2007. Towards the development of environmental indices for the Namibian shelf, with particular reference to fisheries management. African Journal of Marine Science 29 (1) 25 - 35
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