terrestrial ecosystem

Any terrestrial environment, from small to large, in which plants and animals interact with the chemical and physical features of the environment. (Source: GILP96)

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Scholes RJ, Schulze E-D, Pitelka LF, Hall DO 1999. Chapter 10: Biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems. The Terrestrial Biosphere and Global Change: Implications for Natural and Managed Ecosystems
Lessa T, Alves-Martins F, Martinez-Arribas J, Correia RA, Mendelsohn J, Chimbioputo Fabiano E, Angombe ST, Malhado ACM, Ladle RJ 2024. Quantifying spatial ignorance in the effort to collect terrestrial fauna in Namibia, Africa. Ecological Indicators 158
IRDNC/MET CBNRM sub-Division (Conservancies) Forest Biodiversity.
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