The process by which plants transform carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and other compounds, using energy from the sun captured by chlorophyll in the plant. Oxygen is a by-product of the process. Photosynthesis is the essence of all plant life (autotrophic production) and hence of all animal life (heterotrophic production) on the planet Earth. The rate of photosynthesis depends on climate, intensity and duration of sunlight, available leaf area, soil nutrient availability, temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, and soil moisture regimes. (Source: DUNSTE)

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Swanepoel JW, Krüger GHJ, van Heerden PDR 2007. Effects of sulphur dioxide on photosynthesis in the succulent Augea capensis Thunb.. Journal of Arid Environments 70 (2) 208-221
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Epilithic Lichens in the Namib Fog Desert.pdf 2.45 MB
Gwizdala M, Lebre P, Maggs-Kölling G, Marais E, Cowan D, Krüger T 2021. Sub‐lithic photosynthesis in hot desert habitats. Environmental Microbiology
Lange OL, Green TGA, Heber U 2001. Hydration-dependent photosynthetic production of lichens: what do laboratory studies tell us about field Performance?. Journal of Experimental Botany 52 (363) 2033-2042
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Hydration_dependent photosynthetic production of lichens_2001.pdf 286.98 KB
Veste M, Littmann T, Friedrich H, Breckle S-W 2001. Microclimate boundary conditions for activity of soil lichen crusts in sand dunes of the north-western Negev desert, Israel. Flora 196 465-474
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Veste_Flora2001.pdf 2.93 MB
Seaquist JW, Olsson L, Ardö J 2003. A remote sensing-based primary production model for grassland biomes. Ecological Modelling 169 131-155
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seaquist_et_al_2003_ecol_mod.pdf 842.65 KB
Vogel JC, Seely MK 1977. Occurrence of C4 plants in the Central Namib Desert. Madoqua 10 (1) 75-78
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Occurrence of C4 plants in the Central Namib Desert.pdf 380.17 KB