ocean current

A net transport of ocean water along a definable path. (Source: MGH)

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Kainge P, Kirkman SP, Estevao V, Van der Lingen CD, Uanivi U, Kathena JN, Van der Plas A, Githaiga-Mwicigi J, Makhado A, Nghimwatya L, Endjambi T, Paulus S, Kalola M, Antonio M, Tjizoo B, Shikongo T, Nsiangango S, Uahengo T, Bartholomae C, Mqoqi M, Hamukuaya H 2020. Fisheries yields, climate change, and ecosystem-based management of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem. Environmental Development
Robertson A, Jarvis A, Mendelsohn J, Swart R 2012. Namibia's Coast Chapter 3: Foundations and Landscapes. Namibia's Coast: Ocean Riches and Desert Treasures 46-65
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Bartholomae CH, van der Plas AK 2007. Towards the development of environmental indices for the Namibian shelf, with particular reference to fisheries management. African Journal of Marine Science 29 (1) 25 - 35
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