ocean circulation

Water current flow in a closed circular pattern within an ocean. (Source: MGH)

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Zhu B 2016. A Review on Late Quaternary Environmental Change in the Namibia, South-Western Africa. Journal of Earth Science and Climatic Change 7 (4) 1-9
Berger WH, Lange CB, Wefer G 2001. Namibia Upwelling: Ocean Meadows off the Desert.
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Namibia Upwelling_Ocean Meadows off the Desert.pdf 145.94 KB
Anderson L, Maslin MA, Jansen F, Lin H, Pufahl PK, Pérez M, Brüchert V, Vidal L 1998. Lithostratigraphic Summary For Leg 175: Angola-Benguela Upwelling System. Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program Initial Reports (175) 533-542
Goodisan P 1991. The Namibian Fisheries Experience. Samudra 5-6 16-20
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The Namibian Fisheries Experience.pdf 335.73 KB
Shannon LV, O'Toole MJ 2003. Sustainability of the Benguela: ex Africa semper aliquid novi. Large Marine Ecosystems of the World: Trends in Exploitation, Protection and Research 227-253
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Sustainability of the Benguela_ex Africa semper aliquid novi.pdf 502.9 KB
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