The science concerned with the atmosphere and its phenomena. (Source: MGH)

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Thorne V, Coakeley P, Grimes D, Dugdale D 2001. Comparison of TAMSAT and CPC rainfall estimates with raingauges, for southern Africa. International Journal of Remote Sensing 22 (10) 1951-1974
Brown RC 1974. Climate and climatic trends in the Ghanzi District. Botswana Notes and Records 6 133-146
Posada R, Riede J, Kaspar F, Mhanda A, Radithupa M, Stegling J, Nascimento D, Tima L, Kanyanga J, Nkonde E, Swaswa M, Waitolo D 2018. Cooperation of meteorological services within SASSCAL on improving the management of observed climate data. Climate change and adaptive land management in southern Africa - assessments, changes, challenges, and solutions 22-29
Mupa annaul total rainfall.
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Mupa rainfall.xls 19.5 KB
Durham EL, Maslin MA, Platzman E, Rosell-Mele A, Marlow JR, Leng M, Lowry D, Burns SJ 2001. Reconstructing the climatic history of the western coast of Africa over the past 1.5 M.Y.. Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results 175
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West coast climate history.pdf 3.1 MB
Ministry of Works Transport and Communication 2009. April 2009 and cumulative seasonal rainfall performance.