A systematic written account comprising a chronological record of events (as affecting a city, state, nation, institution, science, or art) and usually including a philosophical explanation of the cause and origin of such events. (Source: WEBSTE)

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Demasius E 2009. A visit to the Vänersborg Museum. Lanioturdus 42 (1) 3-9
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A visit to the Vaenersborg Museum_2009.pdf 525.96 KB
Brooke RK 1986. Historical sketch of Afrotropical ornithlogy. Revue Zoologique Africaine 100 7-12
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Brooke Ornithological History Africa RevZoolAfr100_7-12.pdf 305.56 KB
Brooke RK Short history of ornithology in South Africa.
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Brooke Ornithological History RSA.pdf 2.77 MB
Clement AJ 1978. Forbidden territory in Namibia. Geographical Magazine 51 (2) 129 - 136
Bond WJ, Midgley JJ 2003. The Evolutionary Ecology of Sprouting in Woody Plants. International Journal of Plant Sciences 164 (3) S103-S114
Demasius E, Marais C 1990. The History of Namibian Ornithology. Birding in Namibia
1950. Ghwano - die wit weelde. SWA Annual 25 - 35
Singer R, Harrison GA, Weiner JS 1985. Serology and clines along the Okavango River, Namibia. Journal of Human Evolution 14 (4) 309 - 318
Robbins LH, Murphy ML 1998. The early and middle stone age.
Lane P, Reid A, Segobye A 1998. Ditswa Mmung: The archaeology of Botswana.
Budack KFR 1976. The Kavango: The country, its people and history. Namib und Meer 7 29 - 43
Levinson O 1954. The story of Charles John Andersson. SWA Annual 1954 113 - 123
Green LG 1947. Cape Cross - a rich place with a great past. Outspan 42 (1087) 15 - 17
Bryden HA 1892. The Kalahari. 2067 246
Schulz A, Hammar A 1897. The New Africa.
Rosenthal E 1973. The French connection: Francois Levaillant and South West Africa. SWA Annual 1973 33 - 39
Gebhardt L 1973. Sandwich Harbour: A sanctuary in the dunes. SWA Annual 97 - 103
Forbes VS 1950. Le Vaillant's Travels. South West African Geographical Journal 32 (1) 32 - 51
Turner G 1987. Hunters and herders of the Okavango Delta, northern Botswana. Botswana Notes and Records 19 24-40
Kuper A 1970. The Kgalagadi in the nineteenth century. Botswana Notes and Records 2 45-51
Potten DH 1976. Aspects of the recent history of Ngamiland. Botswana Notes and Records 8 63-68
de la Bat B 1982. Etosha - 75 years. SWA Annual 1982 11 - 22