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Borchers SL, Schnetger B, Böning P, Brumsack H-J 2005. Geochemical signatures of the Namibian diatom belt: Perennial upwelling and intermittent anoxia. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 6 (6)
Reimold WU, Koeberl C, Bishop J 1994. Roter Kamm impact crater, Namibia: Geochemistry of basement rocks and breccias. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 58 (12) 2689-2710
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Roter Kamm impact crater_Namibia.pdf 2.29 MB
Allanson BR, Hart RC, O'Keeffe JH, Robarts RD 1989. The regional limnology of southern Africa. Inland Waters of Southern Africa: An Ecological Perspective 64 27-62
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Marufu VJ, Hitila M, Donner M, Iita KT, Iyambo KE, Kalili SN, Kamburona TU, Liyeke MM, Mundilo PVI, Nuuyuni SN, Shimwafeni JI, Tjituka V, Tshikesho RS, Seely MK, Throop HL 2016. Rapid soil respiration responses to simulated rainfall along the Namib Desert climate gradient. Journal of the Namibia Scientific Society 64 103-120
Pirajno F 1990. Geology, geochemistry and mineralisation of the Erongo Volcanic Complex, Namibia. South Africa Journal of Geology 93 (3) 485-504