SDP 3: An investigation into the biophysical aspects and socio-economics of desertification in north western Namibia. (Climate variability, desertification and loss of biodiversity)

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The main objective of SDP3 was to distinguish between the short-term effects of variable rainfall and climatic conditions and the long-term degradation of rangeland, biodiversity and land productivity. The SDP3 examination of the soils, grasses and woody vegetation in different areas did not indicate conclusively that long-term degradation was occurring but it did show the effects of recent low rainfall. Although the question of whether or not desertification was taking place, was not resolved, it is clear that natural resources are becoming less available on a per capita basis. The reasons for this could be related to the pressure of growing human and animal populations, underdevelopment, poverty and communal land tenure, all of which contribute to poor land and resource management.

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