Bush encroachment โ€“ the challenging resource for the renewable bioenergy in Namibia. Wood chip production technology and costs for fuel in Namibia

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This work has been done in the project where the main target is to evaluate the technology and economy to use bush biomass for power production in Namibia. The project has been financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forest in Namibia. The target of this study is to calculate the harvesting costs of bush chips at the power plant using the current harvesting technology and to look possibilities to develop harvesting technology in order to mechanize harvesting technology and to decrease the harvesting costs. The wood harvesting costs are used in feasibility studies, in which the technology and economy of utilization of wood chips for power generation in 5, 10 and 20 MW electric power plants and for power generation in Van Eck coal fired power plant in Windhoek are evaluated. Keywords: felling, compiling, drying, harvesting cost, skid steer, CCF semi-mechanized harvesting chain.

Technical Research Centre of Finland
Final Report - Draft
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