The Okavango Delta Peoples of Botswana. Cultural Overview

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The Okavango Delta Peoples of Botswana consist of five separate ethnic groups, each with their own language and ethnic identity. The five ethnic groups are: (1) Bugakwe (Kxoe, Bugakhoe, Kwengo, Barakwena, Mbarakwena, Mbarakwengo, G/anda, /anda), (2) Dxeriku (Dceriku, Diriku, Gceriku, Gciriku, Vagciriku, Giriku, Mbogedo, Niriku, Vamanyo), (3) Hambukushu (Mbukushu, Bukushu, Bukusu, Mbukuschu, Mamakush, Mampakush, Ghuva, Haghuva, Gova, Cusso, Kusso, Hakokohu, Havamasiko), (4) Wayeyi (Bayei, Bayeyi, Bakoba, Bajei, Jo, Hajo, Tjaube, Yei), and (5) Xanekwe (Gxanekwe, //tanekwe, tannekhoe, River Bushmen, Swamp Bushmen, G//ani, //ani, Banoka). Note that for each of these groups, there are many different spellings (and pronunciations). Some of These are names from another language; others are corruptions or misinterpretations. Since many Outsiders have contributed to the written history of these groups and people have moved across national boundaries, it is important to recognize this disparate nomenclature to preserve the breadth of each group's cultural history. Here we are using the spellings which members of these ethnic groups in Botswana use in referring to themselves.

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