Draught animal power: Experiences of farmer training in the Northern communal areas of Namibia

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More than 80% of draught animal training in the northern communal areas of Namibia has been conducted by the farmers themselves, using their own resources. Farmers appear to be satisfied with the training, especially for ploughing and transport purposes. Many farmers have acknowledged the trainers in their communities to whom they take their animals for training. Not all are good trainers. There are some trainers whose "blood" is considered weak and it is believed that if they train animals, the animals will be weak and have problems in pulling implements and carts. With this belief it implies that few animals would be trained per period of time consequently retarding progress on expanding cultivated fields and volume of goods transported by draught animals. Like any other draught animal training programme, the Namibian Draft Animal Power Programme (NDAPP) initiated a deliberate strategy to train farmers through Agricultural Extension Technicians. This paper reviews the approaches currently being practised by NDAPP to improve the number and quality of trained draught animals through increased use of farmer trainers.

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Proceedings of an ATNESA Workshop, September 1999, South Africa

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Conference Paper

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