Ximenia harvesting and post-harvesting practices in northern Namibia. Recommendations for quality and fair trade supply of Ximenia kernels

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Ximenia species are widespread across Southern Africa especially in Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia. Ximenia has been traditionally used for different purposes as edible fruit, seed oil and live fences. Recently, a new interest has been given to this indigenous natural resource (Ximenia Americana) since a commercial opportunity for cold-pressed virgin oil is being developed. Such an interest brings the need to know more about the way rural communities use it. This survey on Ximenia harvest and post-harvest practices in the North Central Regions of Namibia aims to contribute to improve the ability of poor rural communities to meet their basic human needs in an environmentally sustainable way by securing better market access and better prices through an improved supply of Ximenia kernels.

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