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Van de Ven TMFN, Martin RO, Vink TJF, McKechnie AE, Cunningham SJ 2016. Regulation of Heat Exchange across the Hornbill Beak: Functional Similarities with Toucans?. PLoS ONE 11 (5)
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Regulation of Heat Exchange across the Hornbill Beak.PDF 7.99 MB
van den Heever L, Elburg MA, Iaccheri L, Naidoo V, Ueckermann H, Bybee G, Smit‑Robinson HA, Whitecross MA, McKechnie AE 2022. Identifying the origin of lead poisoning in white-backed vulture (Gyps africanus) chicks at an important South African breeding colony: a stable lead isotope approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Pietersen DW, McKechnie AE, Jansen R 2014. A review of the anthropogenic threats faced by Temminck’s ground pangolin, Smutsia temminckii, in southern Africa. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 44 (2) 167-178

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