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Ludynia K, Jones R, Kemper J, Garthe S, Underhill LG 2010. Foraging behaviour of bank cormorants in Namibia: Implications for conservation. Endangered Species Research 12 (1)
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Foraging behaviour of bank cormorants in Namibia.pdf 756.04 KB
Kohler SA, Connan M, Hill JM, Mablouké C, Bonnevie B, Ludynia K, Kemper J, Huisanem J, Underhill LG, Cherel Y, McQuiad CD, Jaquemet S 2011. Geographic variation in the trophic ecology of an avian rocky shore predator, the African black oystercatcher, along the southern African coastline. Marine Ecology Progress Series 435 235-249
Sherley RB, Ludynia K, Underhill LG, Jones R, Kemper J 2012. Storms and heat limit the nest success of Bank Cormorants: Implications of future climate change for a surface-nesting seabird in southern Africa. Journal of Ornithology 153 441-455
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Storms and heat limit the nest success of Bank Cormorants.pdf 705.33 KB
Vanstreels RET, Parsons NJ, McGeorge C, Hurtado R, Ludynia K, Waller L, Ruthenberg M, Purves A, Pichegru L, Pistorius PA 2019. Identification of land predators of African Penguins Spheniscus demersus through post-mortem examination. Ostrich 90 (4) 359-372
Sherley RB, Ludynia K, Dyer BM, Lamont T, Makhado AB, Roux J-P, Scales KL, Underhill LG, Votier SC 2017. Metapopulation tracking juvenile penguins reveals an ecosystem-wide ecological trap. Current Biology 27 (4) 563-568
Sherley RB, Ludynia K, Lamont T, Roux J-P, Crawford RJM, Underhill LG 2013. The initial journey of an Endangered penguin: implications for seabird conservation. Endangered Species Research 21 89-95
Vanstreels RET, Parsons NJ, Sherley RB, Stander N, Strauss V, Kemper J, Waller L, Barham BJ, Ludynia K 2023. Factors determining the number of seabirds impacted by oil spills and the success of their rehabilitation: Lessons learned from Namibia and South Africa. Marine Pollution Bulletin 188 114708

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