water pollution

The manmade or man-induced alteration of the chemical, physical, biological and radiological integrity of water. (Source: LANDY)

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Maherry A, Tredoux G, Clarke S, Engelbrecht P 2010. State of nitrate pollution in groundwater in South Africa. 1
Hasheela I, Schneider GIC, Ellmies R, Haidula A, Leonard R, Ndalulilwa K, Shigwana O, Walmsley B 2014. Risk assessment methodology for shut-down and abandoned mine sites in Namibia. Journal of Geochemical Exploration 144 (C) 572-580
Pitiya R, Jacob L, Emilinot RJ 2022. A pilot study on the concentration of heavy metals in sediments from the Lower Orange River, //Karas Region, Namibia. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering 10 1-14
Republic of Namibia 2017. National Marine Pollution Contingency Plan. National Marine Pollution Contingency Plan
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