The indirect or direct alteration of the biological, thermal, physical, or radioactive properties of any medium in such a way as to create a hazard or potential hazard to human health or to the health, safety or welfare of any living species. (Source: ALL)

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Mokokwe K, Mabua I, Busch K, Stampe W 1995. Groundwater pollution vulnerability map of the Maun area, 1:50000.
Pain DJ, Sears J, Newton I 1995. Lead concentrations in birds of prey in Britain. Environmental Pollution 87 (2) 173 - 180
Alberts M, Barnes JI 2008. Sustainable tourism options for the coastal zone of Namibia.
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Research Discussion Paper 77_2008.pdf 617.65 KB
Lor P 1975. Legal aspects of marine pollution by fish oil. Mitteilungen Ornitologische Arbeitsgruppe SWA Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft 11 (1) 1 - 7
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Legal aspects of marine pollution by oil fish_1975.pdf 570.85 KB