trade (economic)

The act or the business of buying and selling for money. Mercantile or commercial business in general or the buying and selling, or exchanging, of commodities, either by wholesale or retail within a country or between countries. (Source: WESTS)

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Einzig P 1966. Chapter 43 โ€“ Cattle and Bead Money of South-West Africa. Primitive Money (Second Edition): In its Ethnological, Historical and Economic Aspects 160-161
Kinahan J 2014. Cattle paths and the choreography of late pre-colonial contact and trade on the Namib Desert Coast. South African Archaeological Bulletin (69) 96โ€“102
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Kinahan 2014 Cattle paths.pdf 1.03 MB
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 2012. Green Economy Sectoral Study: BioTrade โ€“ A catalyst for transitioning to a green economy in Namibia.
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Biotrade Report 2012.pdf 14.93 MB