A representation of a problem, situation in mathematical terms, especially using a computer. (Source: CED)

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Lohmann D, Tietjen B, Blaum N, Joubert DF, Jeltsch F 2014. Prescribed fire as a tool for managing shrub encroachment in semi-arid savanna rangelands. Journal of Arid Environments 107 49-56
Caylor KK, Shugart HH, Rodriguez-Iturbe I 2005. Tree Canopy Effects on Simulated Water Stress in Southern African Savannas. Ecosystems 8 (1) 17 - 32
Popp A, Vogel M, Blaum N, Jeltsch F 2009. Scaling up ecohydrological processes: Role of surface water flow in water-limited landscapes. Journal of Geophysical Research 114 10 pages
Graham A 1976. A management plan for Okavango crocodile. Proceedings of the Symposium on the Okavango Delta and its future utilization 223 - 234
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