Scientific investigation aimed at discovering and applying new facts, techniques and natural laws. (Source: MGH)

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Lindeque PM, Turnbull PCB 1994. Ecology and epidemiology of anthrax in the Etosha National Park, Namibia. Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 61 (1) 71 - 83
Brown CJ 1988. Home ranges of Black Eagles in the Natal Drakensberg. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 18 (4) 120 - 125
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Home ranges of Black Eagles in the Natal Drakensberg_1988.pdf 456.21 KB
Komen J 1992. Energy-requirements of adult Cape Vultures (Gyps coprotheres). Journal of Raptor Research 26 (4) 213 - 218
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Energy_requirements of adult Cape Vultures_1992.pdf 651.04 KB
Bloom PH, Henckel JL, Henckel EH, Schmutz JK, Woodbridge B, Bryan JR, Anderson RL, Detrich PJ, Maechtle TL, McKinley JO, McCrary MD, Titus K, Schempf PF 1992. The Dho-gaza with Great Horned Owl lure - an analysis of its effectiveness in capturing raptors. Journal of Raptor Research 26 (3) 167 - 178
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The Dho_gaza with Great Horned Owl lure.pdf 1.3 MB
Gould WR, Fuller MR 1995. Survival and population-size estimation in raptor studies - a comparison of 2 methods. Journal of Raptor Research 29 (4) 256 - 264
Espach C, Lubbe LG, Ganzin N 2009. Determining grazing capacity in Namibia with the aid of remote sensing. African Journal of Range and Forage Science 26 (3) 133 - 138
Stutterheim IM, Bezuidenhout JD, Elliott EG 1988. Comparative feeding behaviour and food preferences of oxpeckers (Buphagus erythrorhynchus and B. Africanus) in captivity. Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 55 (3) 173 - 179
Simmons RE 1994. Namibia [wetland birds]. African Waterfowl Census 1994 95-102
Walker JB 1991. A review of the Ixodid ticks (Acari, Ixodidae) occurring in southern Africa. Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 58 81 - 105
Winkel W 1981. Naturkündliche Studienreise nach Südwestafrika/Botswana vom 23-8-1980 bis 13-9-1980. Mitteilungen Ornitologische Arbeitsgruppe SWA Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft 16 (10) 1 - 7
Williams AJ 1985. South West Africa/Namibia bird atlas. Guidelines for the bird atlas of southern Africa
Sauer EGF, Sauer EM, Gebhardt M 1975. Normal and abnormal patterns of Struthious eggshells from South West Africa. Biomineralization research report 8 32 - 54
Morant PD 1977. Bird ringing at Tristan da Cunha and Gough Islands. South African Journal of Antarctic Research 7 23 - 26
Martinsen M, Hagen Y 1965. Bird banding, 1961, 1962 and 1963. 2 20
Jensen RAC 1979. Ornithological research in South West Africa. Journal of the SWA Scientific Society 33 85 - 93
Dixon JEW 1978. A preliminary investigation of some economic factors involved in the hunting of game birds. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 8 81 - 82
Ellery WN, McCarthy TS 1994. Principles for the sustainable utilization of the Okavango Delta ecosystem, Botswana. Biological Conservation 70 159 - 168