public participation

The involvement, as an enfranchised citizen, in public matters, with the purpose of exerting influence. (Source: NRW)

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Kolberg HF EIS photo library.
Jones B 1996. The peoples role in conservation. Namibia Environment 1 128-130
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The peoples role in Conservation_1996.pdf 4.1 MB
Hasan MA, Nahiduzzaman KM, Aldosary AS 2018. Public participation in EIA: A comparative study of the projects run by government and non-governmental organizations. Environmental Impact Assessment Review (72) 12-24
Frigerio D, Pipek P, Kimmig S, Winter S, Melzheimer J, Diblíkova L, Wachter B, Richter A 2017. Citizen science and wildlife biology: Synergies and challenges. Ethology 124 365-377
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Citizen science and wildlife biology_Synergies and challenges.pdf 342.99 KB