1) A member of a people or tribe who move from place to place to find pasture and food. 2) Nomads include gypsies, desert tribes such as the Bedouin and the many primitive tribes in the Americas, Asia and Australia. Herding survives as a way of life around the Sahara, in the Middle East, in Asia as far east as western India, and in the Asian parts of the USSR. The end of pastoral nomadism would be regrettable not merely on account of the independence and distinctiveness of this way of life but because this type of economy may be a more rational means of raising large numbers of animals under arid conditions than is capital-intensive ranching. (Source: CED / WPR)

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Dean WRJ, Barnard P, Anderson MD 2009. When to stay, when to go: trade-offs for southern African arid-zone birds in times of drought. South Africa Journal of Science 105 24-28
Dean WRJ 1997. The distribution and biology of nomadic birds in the Karoo, South Africa. Journal of Biogeography 24 769-779
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Warren A 1995. Changing understandings of African pastoralism and the nature of environmental paradigms. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers New Series 20 (2) 193-203
Mendelsohn J, Milton S 2023. Where and when to go? Questions for nomadic birds. (March/April 2023) 49-53
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