environmental change

Changes that may take place in ecosystems, climate, soil, habitats, etc. due to pressures of various origin. (Source: RRDA)

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Barnard P, Thuiller W, Midgley G 2005. Invasive species under global change – signs from a homogenized world. GISP Newsletter 2005 8-11
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Invasive_species_under_global_change_sign.pdf 324.48 KB
Midgley GF, Rutherford MC, Bond WJ, Barnard P 2001. The heat is on: impacts of climate change on plant diversity in South Africa.
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Impacts of climate change on plant diversity in South Africa.pdf 10.31 MB
Altwegg R, Broms K, Erni B, Barnard P, Midgley GF, Underhill LG 2011. Novel methods reveal shifts in migration phenology of barn swallows in South Africa. Proceedings of the Royal Society B
Osinubi ST, Hand K, van Oijen DCC, Walther BA, Barnard P 2016. Linking science and policy to address conservation concerns about African land use, land conversion and land grabs in the era of globalization. African Journal of Ecology 54 265-267
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Policy_piece_Linking_science_and_policy.pdf 116.04 KB
Blümel WD, Eberle J, Hüser K, Eitel B 2009. Holozäner Klima- und Landschaftswandel in der Namib?. Nova Actas Leopoldina 108 (373) 125-149
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Holozaener Klima_und Landschaftswandel in der Namib.pdf 3.7 MB
Vogel JC, Rust U 1987. Environmental changes in the Kaokoveld Namib Desert during the present millennium. Madoqua 15 (1) 5-16
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Environmental changes in the Kaokoland.pdf 2.02 MB
Nash DJ, Meadows ME, Gulliver VL 2006. Holocene environmental change in the Okavango Panhandle, northwest Botswana. Quaternary Science Reviews 25 (11-12) 1302-1322
Loarie SR, van Aarde RJ, Pimm SL 2009. Elephant seasonal vegetation preferences across dry and wet savannas. Biological Conservation 142 (12) 3099-3107
Kasemann SA, Hawkesworth CJ, Prave AR, Fallick AE, Pearson PN 2005. Boron and calcium isotope composition in Neoproterozoic carbonate rocks from Namibia: evidence for extreme environmental change. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 231 (1-2) 73-86
Loarie SR, van Aarde RJ, Pimm SL 2009. Fences and artificial water affect African savannah elephant movement patterns. Biological Conservation 142 (12) 3086-3098
Ngcobo S, Jewitt GPW, Stuart-Hill SI, Warburton ML 2013. Impacts of global change on southern African water resources systems. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5 (6) 655-666
Whitford WG, de Soyza AG, van Zee JW, Herrick JE, Havstad KM Vegetation, Soil, and Animal Indicators of Rangeland Health. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 51 (1-2) 179-200
Higgins S, Bond WJ, Trollope WSW 2000. Fire, resprouting and variability: a recipe for grass-tree coexistence in savanna. Journal of Ecology 88 213-229
Wilson AD, Tupper GJ 1982. Concepts and Factors Applicable to the Measurement of Range Condition. Journal of Range Management 35 (6) 684-689
Serneels S, Said MY, Lambin EF 2001. Land cover changes around a major east African wildlife reserve: the Mara Ecosystem ( Kenya). International Journal of Remote Sensing 22 (17) 3397-3420
Lockwood JA, Lockwood DR 1993. Catastrophe Theory: A unified paradigm for rangeland ecosystem dynamics. Journal of Range Management 46 (4) 282-288
Lambin EF, Turner BL, Geist HJ, Agbola SB, Engelsen A, Bruce JW, Coomes OT, Dirzo R, Fischer G, Folke C, George PS, Homewood K, Imbernon J, Leemans R, Li X, Morgan EF, Mortimore M, Ramakrishnan PS, Richards JF, Skånes H, Steffen W, Stone GD, Svedin U 2001. The causes of land-use and land-cover change: moving beyond the myths. Global Environmental Change 11 (4) 261-269
Dahlberg AC 2000. Landscape(s) in Transition: an Environmental History of a Village in North-east Botswana. Journal of Southern African Studies 26 (4) 760-782
Mucher CA, Steinnocher KT, Kressler FP, Heunks C 2000. Land cover characteri zation and change detection for environmental monitoring of pan-Europe. International Journal for Remote Sensing 21 (6-7) 1159-1181
Krogh SN, Zeisset MS, Jackson E, Whitford WG 2002. Presence/absence of a keystone species as an indicator of rangeland health. Journal of Arid Environments 50 (3) 513-519